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(VIDEO) Actor D.L. Hughley: ‘Trump Is Definitely A Racist, He Is Too Dumb To Be POTUS Because…’

Recently on CNN’s “New Day,” actor and producer D.L. Hughley stated that President Trump is “clearly a racist.” Hughley stated, “It’s not just African-Americans, it’s gay, Muslims, it’s Aladdins. So he clearly is a racist, To pretend like he’s not — yesterday he was honoring Native Americans in front of a portrait of Andrew …

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VIDEO : John Kerry: ‘I Will Challenge Donald Trump In The 2020… Stay Strong We Will Make Him…’

Previous Senator, Secretary of State, and failed presidential competitor John Kerry needs another go at America’s best office, as indicated by an Israeli daily paper. Kerry purportedly revealed to Palestinian pioneers and a nearby, close companion of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that they should “hold on” and “be strong,” since he was planning …

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Pop Star Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Sick Of Trump Fans Who Are Calling Me A Snowflake, They Are Hurting My Mental…’ (VIDEO)

Pop star Miley Cyrus, who voted for Hillary Clinton, recently stated that Trump supporters are hurting her mental state with calling her a “snowflake”. She stated: “I’m growing sick of them. They keep saying that word over and over again. Calling me a snowflake is hurting my mental health and I want …

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Sylvester Stallone says Obama was a “Manchurian candidate” who was put in office to intentionally weaken America. Do you agree or disagree with him?

Yesterday’s midterm elections—and the resultant tidal wave of Republican victories—were viewed by many as a referendum on President Obama’s administration thus far. (Or, to put it in more alarmist, Sarah Palin-y/Glenn Beck-y catchphrases, a message that Obama should stop his “fundamental transformation of America.”) But to Sylvester Stallone, the elections …

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Richard Gere Says: Donald Trump Is The Biggest Racist And Traitor, I Hate U.S Because Trump Is Not The President ” Do You Agree Him ?(video)

Not only does President Donald Trump claim he is not racist — he says he is probably one of the “least racist” people out there. The president on Sunday, amid reports that he referred to some foreign places — namely, Haiti, El Salvador and countries in Africa — as “shithole” countries, denied …

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