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Hillary Clinton Now Blaming Obama For Election Loss

Hillary Clinton is now pointing her finger at the eight years of former President Barack Obama as a reason she couldn’t campaign on an “agenda of change” and conceivably win the 2016 election. Obama actively campaigned for his former secretary of state throughout the election campaign. In an interview posted …

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Miley Cyrus Has A Message For Trump Supporters: ‘I Won’t Leave, I Will Fight For Our Country, Because Of Our Country Is Destroyed By Trump And His Governance. Do You Support Her?

Pop singer Miley Cyrus discussed President Donald Trump in a meeting for the forthcoming issue of NME Magazine, changing her mind about leaving the U.S., choosing to stay and battle Trump’s “hate with love.” Amid the 2016 race, she stated over and over again that she would “move out of …

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Singer Sheryl Crow: ‘I Forbid My Kids To Watch TV When Trump Is On, I Prefer Classy People Like Hillary Clinton. Do You Support Her?

Recently on ABC’s “The View,” singer and Hillary Clinton fan Sheryl Crow stated that she doesn’t let her children see President Donald Trump on TV because she is “embarrassed.” Crow stated, “I did travel with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has done a lot of work for, like, 30 years for women …

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Hollywood Legend Jon Voight: ‘Trump Is The Best And He Is The Answer To Our Problems, If You Don’t Like Him Just Leave U.S. Do You Support Him?

Hollywood legend Jon Voight has praised Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. In a meeting with Breitbart News, the Oscar-, Emmy-, and Golden Globe-winning performing artist stated: “I’m completely sure that he is the best so far. I’m saying I like this guy.” “He’s an answer to …

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