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Jennifer Lawrence to Donald Trump: “As I said your presidency is the end of the world, you are real monster, hey Trump, f— you”. Do you support deport of her?

Speaking to British media just before her latest movie premiere, actress Jennifer Lawrence suggested the recent destructive hurricanes to hit the United States are punishment — Mother Nature’s “wrath” — for voting Donald Trump into the White House. While promoting her new film Mother! on Wednesday, the Oscar-winning actress touched …

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BREAKING: This Man Sets Pedophile Muslim Man on Fire After Catching Him Rape 7-Yr-Old Daughter. Do You Support Him?

A woman has been arrested for dousing her husband with gasoline and setting him on fire after she caught him raping her 7-year-old daughter.40-year-old Tatanysha Hedman of Renton, Washington, said she wanted to burn her pedophile husband alive because “shooting him was too nice”.According to Renton Police, Vincent Phillips, 52, …

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